JET JTS-315 S Site Saw Bench Holds Value Despite Underwhelming Inser And Riving Blade

15 Oct

I have had this saw for around year and a half at this point. Given it is a site saw the level of precision you can accomplish is truly really noteworthy, particularly since the top is not especially level or stable when contrasted with a cast iron table saw top. While there are many JET saws for sale, this one caught my eye because of the perfect balance of price and performance.


Many woodworkers find JET band saws for sale and they buy it but they don’t know how to set it up in it effective manner that can increase their productivity. I have noticed that with these saws the introductory set up is vital. Verifying the saw is assembled as quietly, precisely and fussily as could be expected under the circumstances maintains a strategic distance from a great deal of issues in the future. I was fortunate to have my dad in law close by, who was a structural engineer, and he made me check and re-check each screw and nut a few times. I reviled at the time however have said thanks to him commonly since.JET JTS-315


My greatest issues with the saw are the insert and the riving blade.


The riving blade is an agony to fit and a much greater torment to uproot which you need to accomplish for scoring occupations like tenons. I have lost check of the quantity of times I have wound up with draining knuckles, in light of the fact that I needed to cut a dado. On the off chance that they supplied a riving blade which was lower than the highest point of the cutting edge this would not be an issue. Numerous different saws offer this as a choice.


The thing which truly lets this thing down however is the insert. It is a shoddy aluminum work which has no effective fine altitude adjustment bringing about workpieces fouling on the join with the table top mid cut. Additionally, as a result of the wide holes (4 millimeters on either side) between the cutting blade and the opening in the supplement, little pieces regularly fall into the dust extraction port beneath. This can make it square – regardless of the fact that you have conventional dust extraction as I do – which means the supplement has to fall off, alongside the riving blade and the cutting edge, so hopefully you can clean it. What a torment.


You can alter this issue by making about zero freedom embeds for your saw, as this enhances the issue no end and determines both issues.


General however in spite of these grumbles, for the cash is a respectable piece of unit and has given me extraordinary productivity over a long period of time. It is effective and sufficiently exact for most occupations. Simply ensure you set up it together appropriately and make exactly zero leeway embeds – and mind those knuckles.


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