The Quest for the Best 18V Cordless Impact Drivers

21 Oct has solved a mystery regarding which of the cordless Impact drivers in the market is best suitable of usage, The initial culling resulted in the latest & greatest models from five manufacturers. Keep in mind that when newer models are introduced, much of this information could change. Here are the five models:

DeWalt DC827KL 18V Cordless XRP Li-Ion Impact Driver

Hitachi WH18DL 18-volt 3.0 Ah Cordless Impact Driver

Makita BTD144 18-Volt 3.0 Ah LXT Cordless Impact Driver

Milwaukee 2650-22 18-Volt Extra-Compact Impact Driver

Bosch 25618-01 18V Cordless Impact Driver

The Comparison:


1. Milwaukee: 5 years tool, 5 years batteries (2 year free replacement, 3 more years pro-rated).

2. DeWalt: 3-years tool/charger/batteries, 1-year tool service contract; 90-day money-back.

3. Hitachi: 10 years tool, 2 years batteries

4. Bosch: 1 year tool replacement, 2 more years tool repair, 2 years on the batteries

5. Makita: 3-year tool and 1-year on batteries and charger.

Maximum torque:

1. Bosch: 1500 inch pounds (125 foot pounds)

2. Makita: 1420 inch pounds (118 foot pounds)

3. Milwaukee: 1400 inch pounds (117 foot pounds)

4. Hitachi, DeWalt: 1330 inch pounds (111 foot pounds)

Tool length (for fitting into small places):

1. Makita: 5 1/2″

2. Milwaukee, DeWalt, Bosch: 5 3/4″

3. Hitachi: 6 3/8″

Carrying case:

1. Milwaukee, Bosch, Makita: Yes

2. Hitachi, DeWalt: No

Number of speeds/torque settings.

1. Makita: 3 (0-1,300; 0-2,000; 0-2,600 RPM)

2. Hitachi: 2 (0-2,000 RPM & 0-2,600 RPM)

3. DeWalt: 1 (0-2,400 RPM)

4. Milwaukee: 1 (0-2200 RPM)

5. Bosch: 1 (0-2800)

LED lamp:

1. Makita: stays on 10 seconds after tool is off; has switch to use it as a mini-flashlight

2. Bosch, Milwaukee, DeWalt: yes, runs off tool battery

3. Hitachi: yes, in the belt hook, requires 2 AAAA batteries & it must be aimed.

Tool weight with battery:

1. Milwaukee: 3.2 lbs.

2. Makita: 3.3 lbs

3. Hitachi: 3.5 lbs.

4. DeWalt: 3.7 lbs.

5. Bosch: 3.8 lbs.

Battery charge time:

1. DeWalt, Makita, Hitachi, Bosch: 30 minutes

2. Milwaukee: 60 minutes


1. Hitachi: $274.99

2. Milwaukee: $299

3. Bosch: $289.99

4. DeWalt: $329.99

5. Makita: $335.99


All five models deliver [approximately] triple the 450 in./lb. torque of a typical 18v cordless drill/driver, with no counter-torque to your wrist. All models are ambidextrous; i.e., they work the same in either hand. All models feature a 1/4″ hex socket with a snap-chuck to securely hold drill or driver bits. Impact drivers can be quite noisy when “impacting” and all are reversible with variable speed triggers. The four multi-speed models use electronics versus a gear box, which is a good thing. (i.e., drills that change their speed range via a sliding switch connected to the gearbox can strip gears if said switch is moved while the tool is running.)

Depending on which factors are most important to you, your [specification & feature] rating won’t necessarily agree with this conclusion. For instance, having multiple speed/torque choices; 2 speeds are better than 1, and 3 speeds are better than 2, having a short tool so it would fit in tight quarters, being light-weight etc.

No model is the best in every area, be it warranty, charge time, tool length, or whatever. Price had little sway in these rankings, other than designating the Hitachi “best value” because of its lower cost.

To get more information about the products, please visit or call us toll free at 1-888-722-8299.


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