Carving Pumpkins Using Power Tools

17 Oct

So, here we are in October and that first little chill in the air reminds me that summer really IS over. While I’m dreading the cold weather ahead, I’m also excited about the upcoming holiday that has been my favorite since I was a kid. Yes, Halloween! And of course Halloween is not complete without a great spooky Jack-o-lantern, now is it?

However, to carve that that perfectly spectacular pumpkin that will have your neighbors gawking, you need the right tools for the job. Most people just use a big knife and some inexpensive tools to carve their pumpkins. But this could be extremely messy and time consuming. So to avoid all that hassle, I’d suggest the use of power tools. Oh yeah! 🙂

Although there are many pumpkin carving kits and tools available these days, but the one that I personally like using is the Dremel Pumpkin Carving. It is arguably the best and the cheapest pumpkin carving kit currently on the market.

This Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit is the perfect item for newbies or professional pumpkin carvers. It is nicely compact, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive. You can buy it for about $25 from and can use it for years to come.

Please remember that the Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit is not for children as the spinning cutter blades and other tools can easily injure a child who is not careful.

The Dremel Pumpking Carving kit is quite convenient but if you are a pro at using power tools, you can use your woodworking tools along with your Dremel to carve spectacular pumpkins this year!

The tools that can be used for this purpose are Jig Saw, Drill, Sawzall, Router, and an Angle Grinder.

Jig Saws

You can use your Jig Saw in a variety of ways to make all sorts of intricate cuts. It can cut large areas quickly and can turn corners precisely. A jigsaw is really meant to carve pumpkins.

You can use a couple of different jigsaws, but generally they all work well. A cordless one keeps you from cutting your own power cord, but it isn’t required. You certainly don’t need a big jig saw, even the cheapest ones will easily carve a pumpkin. You may want to use the longest blade you can find, which is usually designed to cut wood. Most inexpensive jig saws will come with a blade that will carve pumpkins very well.


You can use your drill to make holes in a pumpkin. A round hole would obviously look a lot better than an awkwardly cut hole. So you can use your drill to make the center of eyeballs, or other holes in a pumpkin. It really saves a lot of time too.


A Sawzall or a reciprocating saw can be very handy when removing the cap or bottom of your pumpkin since the pumpkin is thickest at the top and bottom and those areas are toughest to get through. A reciprocating saw also works wonders.

You can also use a Sawzall when carving really large pumpkins. After all, a Sawzall is like a really large jigsaw, so when the pumpkin gets too big for the jigsaw, you can grab the Sawzall.


A router can be used when removing the skin of the pumpkin without going all the way through. But do remember to wear your safety glasses since the router will fling the skin right in your face.

Angle Grinder

If you want to alter the shape of a pumpkin, say to make a chin, a forehead, or large eye sockets, you may want to use an angle grinder. An angle grinder is like a giant sander; it removes the pumpkin flesh and kit kind of vaporizes it or something. You won’t find any traces of it when you’re done.

Whatever you do, DO NOT use a chainsaw or a torch on your pumpkins. The chainsaw will create a huge mess and a torch just doesn’t work since pumpkins are mostly made of water.

So in conclusion, carving pumpkins with power tools is a huge time saver and work enabler. You will be able to carve more pumpkins, more easily, in less time than using your traditional hand tools. If you own any of the power tools listed above, then I suggest you try making your jack-o-lanterns with them this year. You may never go back J

Happy carving!


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