Miwaukee Introducing Shockwave Accessories for Impact Duty Tools

9 Sep


Recently Milwaukee launched an absolutely fresh line of accessories exclusively designed to work with Impact tools. These witty looking bits are planned to take the abuse of that continuous impact power tools and the shockwave small pieces are claiming up to 10 times more life. This whole line of cordless tools will be available soon on the Milwaukee Tool page of ToolOrbit.com.

Milwaukee launches more then 80 fresh products in its line of Shockwave Impact tool accessories. Having great performance and functionality, the complete range of impact tool was designed to position up to elevated and tremendous twisting applications. This line consists of elevated performance cordless drills bit, adapters, nut drivers, bit holders and sockets.

Impact tools are one of the best ever growing tool in today’s market, but a lot of accessory lines cannot hold up under the high movement of impact appliances. This new line of Trembling Impact Duty Accessory offers a variety of solutions for all users, and is designed to take up the pressure of higher twisting applications.”

Manufactured from a custom formulated steel and high temperature treated for high shock opposition, the Shockwave driver bits feature an ingeniously planned Shock Zone technology to take up impact. In addition, a dense fake tip brings a perfect fit and removes breakage. The arrangement of proprietary substance, heat dealing and geometry bring up to 10 times more life than the competitors.

These products also includes user friendly characteristics such as for easy identification of size offering color coding and a thin wall structure with a professional grade socket for easy access in rigid areas. This produce line of accessory is not only ideal for intense duty impact jobs, but is a complete solution to fulfill the drilling and strapping needs of every user.


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