Who says tools have to be “all work and no play?”

8 Aug

Tools are a lot of fun…yes, we all agree with that; but some people have given a new meaning to the term “fun with tool.” Don’t understand what I’m talking about? Read on, my friend, and you’ll soon find out đŸ™‚

Belt Sander Drag Racing
Belt sanders are only used to sand down wood to give it a smooth finish? Apparently not. Watch this cool video of Belt Sander Race in Las Vegas held on July 17th, 2009. What fun!

Drill-Powered Mini Bike
This cordless drill powered mini bike would make you wish you had one of these for yourself.

Cooking with Power Tools
It’s your turn to cook today? Great! Go get your power tools!

Belt Sanding with a Helmet
Ok, this video is fun to watch but I doubt if it would be fun to be in that situation. Watch and decide.


One Response to “Who says tools have to be “all work and no play?””

  1. Monclover August 30, 2009 at 5:20 PM #

    Good example why I don’t use these new fangled belt sanders. I stay with the old reliable (and safe) hand sanding blocks. Took three years to refinish my dining room floor, but was no problem….we ate in the kitchen during that time.

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