Delta 50-720 Compact Dust Collector is Powerful and Efficient

2 May
The Powerful Delta 50-7201

The Powerful Delta 50-7201

Delta has added a new player to its dust-collection roster. It gets you plenty of power in a lightweight, compact, easy-to-roll-around package. It also has a 1-micron bag, better than the 5-micron or 30-micron bags found on many other collectors.

Delta 50-720 features a 1-hp, 10.8-amp induction motor that, according to Delta, moves air at the rate of 650 cubic feet per minute (cfm) at the collector port. This places the machine between a shop vacuum and the standard 1 1/2 hp collectors. This model’s capacity is enough to move dust and chips into the collector as long as you keep the hose length to under about 10 ft. (it comes with a 5-ft. hose) and connect the dust collector to only one dust-producing machine at a time. I hooked it up to a 13-in. planer, and it collected over 95% of the chips.

The Delta 50-720 sells for around $300. For more details, visit


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